July 13, 2012


Hi There,


It appears some ne'er-do-well is sending spam using the @rorywohl.us domain in the return address.


Please be assured that it's not coming from me.


Most likely someone is spoofing my domain name in their spamming scheme.


Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. I cannot control what other people forge in an email return address header and send using their computers. I cannot stop any spam you might be receiving. Even if rorywohl.us is in the email's return address, it is not coming from me, nor is it routing or coming through my system.


Believe me, I hate this as much as you do.


Please do not misuse other people's domains. Misuse includes:

       Sending email and putting rorywohl.us in the return address as the sender of SPAM.

       Visiting a blog or ecommerce site and using an email like joe@rorywohl.us.

       Forging rorywohl.us as the sender of SPAM as the originator of bulk e-mail or for hacking purposes.

       Using the rorywohl.us URL while testing a web site you may be building.


Hate spam as much as I do? Take a look at the scambusters.org web site for some excellent resources on how to protect yourself from being spammed.


If you're actually looking for information about me, Rory M Wohl, CCSK, CISA, CSM, PMP, feel free to View my LinkedIn Profile

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